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Powderhorn Art Fair  team

The Powderhorn Art Fair embodies is produced by Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) in partnership with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB), contractors, and volunteers.  



PPNA Events & Office Coordinator

Ashley has a decade of experience expertly and creatively producing events.  She brings her ability to seamlessly and innovatively manage experiences to Powderhorn Art Fair.  Ashely oversees the jury, artist logistics, and more that create a successful fair year after year.

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PPNA Communications Manager

An accomplished and thoughtful communications leader who consistently, creatively, and planfully utilizes a broad suite of marketing tools and techniques to tell the world about the Powderhorn Art Fair. Her strength in this area is fueled by over a decade of experience working in strategic communication design and implementation.  Hannah manages the graphic design, marketing, and tech for the Powderhorn Art Fair.

Contact Hannah:


PPNA Executive Director

Oversees the daily administration and strategic direction of the Powderhorn Art Fair in advancement of its mission. In this leadership role, more than eighteen years of general business management, partnership development, and marketing planning in for-profit and non-profit settings help influence her ability to leverage and increase the fair's resources in service of its community-centered objectives and goals.

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PPNA Communications & Development Coordinator

Christina's life-work in education and community non-profit administration is the foundation for her wish to serve the stated mission and advocacy priorities of PPNA.   Christina manages volunteers at the Powderhorn Art Fair.

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PPNA Community Coordinator

Helps lead PPNA’s efforts to connect with and understand key themes related to a broad and diverse array of community stakeholder priorities. Julia manages community engagement at the Powderhorn Art Fair.

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2022 JURY

Candida Gonzalez
Matt Litwin
J.M. Culver

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