Artist: Angela L Chostner


All paintings are accompanied by poems written especially for the piece by the artist. 


“It is not words that know the way. In the space between 

sorrow and acceptance, our hearts prepare to carry us home.” -Angela L. Chostner


“The vision of an angel whose wings were a chrysalis  were the beginnings of this painting. Like all my work, understanding evolves through the  process of creation. Sometimes one must let go of the important to create space for that which is of even greater importance.”  


Acrylic on canvas, details in this painting include delicate crystal adorning her neck and a heart seed made of clay.  Perfect for a reflection corner or quiet space.


This painting is gallery wrapped and ready to hang. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, its own creation story and a copy of the poem especially written for it. Once ordered, this painting is professionally wrapped and boxed, and ships free to its new home. (Shipping costs included in price.)

Transformation & Sacrifice/woman reborn in turquoise and blue