Artist: Jeanine Malec

If you find yourself in need of a tarot reading to get a bearing on where you are at in the world, please consider contacting me to work with these questions. This is a win-win because it helps me to hone divination skills in community, and it helps you get an intuitive consultation for the price of a cup of coffee! All I ask for is trust in the process and willing participation by:
1. Taking a few deep belly breaths and focusing on the situation you intend to clarify,
2. Distilling this down to a thoughtful, open-ended question and 
3. Stating what you would like to get out of the reading. 
Once you have this clarity in heart and mind, please share it with me via email at When I receive your message, I will create time and space to hold your quero during a 3 card reading. Afterward, I will send a photograph of the spread along with written summary. All

Remote Tarot Readings

  • Artist works purchased from the Powderhorn Art Fair are not eligible for returns.

  • Artists will ship works directly to you within 7 business days.