Artist: Danyelle Sanchez


The single Edison Pearl is almost a lavender hue. The bangle is made form 14g Gold Filled wire, and a 10-11mm Pink Edison Pearl. No bangle stack is complete without a sweet little Edison Pearl addition.


The double Edison Pearl bangle is the perfect addition to any bangle stack. These pearls in particular have a beautifully metallic luster on them, which I love. Made from 14 gauge, 14k Gold Filled wire with 2 10-11mm Pink Edison, Freshwater pearls. Any of our jewelry can be worn in water and will not tarnish.


Triple pearl bangles are my favorite. This beauty is made from 14 gauge Gold Filled wire, and 3 10-11mm Freshwater Edison Pearls. Add her to your bangle stack and make a statement!    Size: 8 in

Pink Edison Pearl Bangle