Artist: Kierra Falbo

This original oil painting on stretched canvas measures 16"x20". On a road trip across the country, I drove through Nevada on Highway 50, which is nicknamed the "loneliest road in America." It's a straight, flat, two-lane road surrounded by desert. At one point, I suddenly encountered a long row of worn, mismatched mailboxes on the side of the road. It was such an unexpected sight, a surprising break in the monotony of the desert scenery, that it really struck me. It was a sign of human life in an area where there had been none for several hours. I sometimes need reminded that the unexpected, simple sights can be just as impactful as the planned, well-known ones. In addition to the many incredible famous attractions I saw on that trip (lakes, mountains, rocks, skyscrapers...), it's this one that still occasionally comes to my mind. For more information about my oil paintings, please visit my website or reach out to me via email or Instagram!

Size: 16" x 20"

Lonely Correspondence