Artist: Lena Pak

Size: 4' x 5'


This large acrylic painting was made on a canvas that I built myself using stretcher bars donated to my high school. I used a variety of application methods including fingerpainting, knife work, and splattering to create this enormous mural (it's almost as tall as me)! This painting is perfect for a full-wall statement piece, but less than half the normal price since you are supporting a local youth artist! This painting was the focal point of my fire-themed International Baccalaureate Exhibition this past year, displayed with the following description: "The end of the world is a terrifying and inevitable doom many in younger generations cannot help but face. The end of human life, the end of future, the end of the joys of finger painting on a giant canvas. But also the end of suffering, oppression, sadness and hate. The end of human’s cruel exploitation of nature and each other. Perhaps a new beginning to a peaceful aftermath. What if the end of the world was beautiful?"

Happy Ending