Artist: Jennifer Murphy


Green Cracking Russula Mushroom Ornament. Inspired by my love of all things decay and my interest in mycology. Because I sculpt and glaze each mushroom by hand, no two morel mushroom ornaments are alike. You will not get the exact mushroom pictured, but you will get one that is similar in size and look. I sculpt each ornament out of stoneware and fire them in the my kiln to cone 6. Each is signed with my initials and dated with the year that I made them. The Green Cracking Russula Mushroom Ornaments come strung with hemp twine as shown in the picture. Each one is approximately 2.5 to 3 inches tall, with variation from mushroom to mushroom, as found in nature. Meant for decorative use only. Not dishwasher safe. Not food safe.

Green Cracking Russula Mushroom Ornament