Artist: Lena Pak

Size: 11" x 14"


These prints are the same size as the original piece that is currently hanging in the US Capitol Building as the winner of the Congressional Art Competition, District 3 - it witnessed the riot at the Capitol on January 6th! In Japanese “Fuwa Fuwa” is an onomatopoeia describing the sensation of something light and fluffy, like cotton candy. It usually has a sweet and “cute” connotation - when you Google it the first thing that pops up is fluffy Japanese pancakes. But fuwa fuwa also has another meaning: the feeling of floating. In the context of this painting, it describes the feeling you get when you are standing in a crowd of people and you close your eyes and listen to the peaceful blabber of everyone around you. Although these children are surrounded by the chaotic bustle of adulthood, they are completely content staying in their bubble of childhood, filled with peace and cotton candy. Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Gold Key.

Fuwa Fuwa - print