Artist: Angela L Chostner

Size: 30" x 20"


Poem written especially for ”Acceptance, Mother of Faith” by the artist: 


“Light knows her name, even in darkness. She see beauty in the broken, purpose in the lost. In her hands, dust becomes a constellation of Yes.” -Angela L. Chostner


“This piece came about after much reflection on how belief and eventually faith are created. Acceptance is the beginning- she holds her hands over her heart, opening a space for understanding. A bird in the shape of the constellation Cygnus arises, ready to take flight.” 


This museum quality giclee reproduction is gallery wrapped and ready to hang. It is accompanied by a copy of the poem especially written for it. PLEASE NOTE: Allow approximately 3 weeks to ship to your home.  (Shipping costs included in price.)

Acceptance, Mother of Faith/Archival Giclee on canvas