Artist: Angela L Chostner

Size: 30" x 20"


Poem written especially for ” Abundance” by the artist: 


“Now, in stillness,  Light transforms, once again.”  -Angela L. Chostner


“The original painting Abundance  was a slow wonder to create. There were many stops and starts in the process as my understanding evolved. In the end,I came to understand that Abundance is where movement meets stillness. The movement is the flow of life, growth, possibility, energy. The stillness is acceptance, openness, a state of receptivity that creates actions and flow. This is why Abundance sits in stillness as energy flows through up and through her.”


This museum quality giclee reproduction is gallery wrapped and ready to hang. It is accompanied by a copy of the poem especially written for it. PLEASE NOTE: Allow approximately 3 weeks to ship to your home.  (Shipping costs included in price.)

Abundance/Archival Giclee on canvas