Experience art like never before at the fair!

Giant chair statue
New at the 31st Annual Powderhorn Art Fair, Immersive Art Installations will offer fair-goers interactive experiences that transport them into the artist's vision.

Installations can be produced by individual artists, groups of artists, galleries, and collectives providing the opportunity for the public to experience art as more than simply looking. Installations will be open to the public Saturday, August 6th, and Sunday, August 7th from 10 AM to 5 PM daily in Powderhorn Park, South Minneapolis, MN.

Interested artists can learn more and apply here.
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Each installation will be contained in a 10x10' tent and dispersed throughout the fair.  The world being created is up to the artist and can include lights, sounds, video, visual art, and more. 
How can I support artists who create installations?

Find the artist(s) who created installations on our website and on the event app.  Artists also have their social media handles and ways to support their work available in their installations.