New at the 31st Annual Powderhorn Art Fair, Immersive Art Installations will offer fair-goers interactive experiences that transport them into the artist's vision.
Installations will be open to the public Saturday, August 6th, and Sunday, August 7th from 10 AM to 5 PM daily in Powderhorn Park, South Minneapolis, MN.

Learn more about the artists creating immersive installations for the 2022 fair...
Robin P
Robin P. Hickman is popping up her immersive gallery ‘A Celebration of Soulful Dolls’ that promotes the "power of play" and uniquely inspires creativity,  nurtures positive self-esteem, and inspires the appreciation of ethnically diverse images and life-styles.  The "Soulful Dolls have been admired throughout the United States, Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.  Find A Celebration of Soulful Dolls by the Tea House!
Boo M.jpeg
Boo McCaleb also known as Booscapes, a trans video artist, builder, and designer. Guided by their passion for spirituality and modeling natural systems in imagined spaces, the aim of their work is to facilitate connection and healing found in sensory experiences, moving images, and immersive environments.

INSTALLATION: Prisms of light
Prisms of light offers a chemotherapeutic light experience, inviting intention for rest, mediation, vibrational healing and joy. Prisms of light consist of three pyramids designed and engineered from a ratio Phi rooted in Russian sacred geometry. Each side of the prism is constructed with a colored translucent panel, placed strategically to catch and harness the natural rays of the sun and the color waves. On goers are invited to sit inside each structure to take pause and absorb all the healing qualities of this natural method of light therapy.   Find the Prisms of light installation by the Reverie Beer Garden!