Community Showcase

PAF Community Flower Artist

The Community Showcase is a celebration of the rich cultural life that surrounds Powderhorn Park and nourishes the community. Juried local artists participate in the Powderhorn Art Fair on a less formal basis a preparation for future participation as Main Exhibitors. The Showcase area also features several neighborhood arts organizations.

2014 PAF Community Showcase Artists

  • Mary-Lydia Anderson, Clay
  • Cristine Basina, Jewelry, (Native Spirit, LCC)
  • Linda Berglin, Fiber
  • Silvia Brown, Jewelry
  • Chrys Carroll, Clay
  • Mary Ila Duntemann, Glass
  • Megan Erke, Paper
  • Emily Floyd, Jewelry
  • Mary Foster, Photography, (Mary Foster Creative)
  • Luci Haas, Clay
  • Jeremy Irvin, Fiber, (Alpha Bunch)
  • Mari Johnson, Fiber, (Crochet by Mari)
  • Edie Karras, Photography, (Edith Karras Arts)
  • Ellie Kingsbury, Photography
  • Carla Kjellberg, Jewelry
  • Dave Logsdon , Magnets
  • Laura Lund, Fiber, (Laura’s Lappas)
  • Robbyn Overall, Paper, (Paper Joint)
  • Megan Quick, Glass, (Gold Hoax)
  • Hannah Quinn Rivenburgh, Paper, (Cut Paper Quinn)
  • Sarah Simpson, Clay
  • Johanna Smith, Painting
  • Linda Snouffer, Printmaking
  • Angela Skrade, Henna Body Art, (Ancient Traditions Mehndi)
  • Molly Van Avery, Poetry
  • Angela Wilson, Clay, (Almond Pottery)

Youth Activities

  • ArtiCulture – Free hands-on art for kids. ArtiCulture offers classes and workshops for all ages; and programs that aim to increase accessibility to the arts.

Community Arts Groups & Activities

Guild Demonstrations

Saturday, Minnesota Mosaic Guild

Sunday, Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota



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